PORTAS Portfolia & Management

Our Goals

Our primary objective is the long-term optimisation of residential real estate covering all investment phases: purchase, sale, development. Together with our clients we develop profitable and value-oriented investment strategies and help optimise the housing stock and allocation of funds.

With our expertise we help to secure strategic and operational decisions. We regard ourselves as a reliable partner for all housing industry issues.

Our Strengths

Our comprehensive knowledge of the trade is based on 20 years as management consultants and asset managers in the housing industry.

With the results of the research project “Success Factors in the Housing Industry” launched in 2006, we were able to complete our knowledge of structures and conception of causal relations of the real estate business decisively. Hence, we developed a highly efficient analysis and planning tool.

Our Clients

We work on behalf of private or public housing companies and cooperatives located both in economically prosperous as well as in structurally weak regions.

This includes different sized municipal housing companies in metropolitan areas, such as Berlin, in medium-sized towns with moderate but stable economic power, or companies in counties characterised by a strong population decrease.